Baru Sunajin is the head of Sunajin family and older brother of Bari Sunajin.[1]


Older man, has two earrings and average grey hair.


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During preparations for Pareia's Invasion of Shuaruri Baru Sunajin was ordered to send warriors to the cause. He wanted to send 300 warriors with the ratio of veteran and young warriors 50%-50%, however his brother protested, claiming they are already spread too thin with the increased production of Black Water for Silence Empire and that they can't spare that amount. With the intervention of Nei Sunajin problem was solved. Baru Sunajin sent Bari Sunajin along with 100 warriors as vanguard to buy time and recall some of the warriors that were sent to guard Black Water so they can send 200 more.

Power and AbilitiesEdit

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