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Boyes Sutom[1] was one of Marudun Inama's subjects, and the leader of his personal force within the Warrior Ceremony.


A pale and discerning man of middle age. He wields a sword.


Boyes is stoic and extremely loyal to his prince and to his position. He can be cold, and will always follow orders - but still cares for his underlings.


While Marudun seems unconcerned with the conflict and challenges in the trials, Boyes is left to deal with the enemies from the Homebecker Kingdom, and acts as chief guard and strategist for most of the trials.

He is seen to be a fair and capable soldier, though at times he questions Marudun's cruel treatment of his followers as simple pawns to be thrown to death. Like his prince, Boyes makes it to the Sixth Trial with apparent ease.

During the Sixth Trial, Boyes follows the lead of Marudun, and waits to go last at the direction of his lord, following the violent cannibal, Jinechel. This proves a dangerous set up, as Jinechel aims to just kill him before leaving the starting room, but Boyes reveals that this was Inama's intention all along, and he will kill Jinechel for his prince. Though Boyes fights hard to the end for his prince, he ultimately is not a match for the cannibal, and is killed and (presumably) eaten.

His death solidifies the hatred between Marudun and Jinechel.

Power and AbilitiesEdit

Boyes is a skilled swordsman, an experienced commander, and likely has some power of Force at his disposal.


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