Egane is Pareia Tribe's Great Warrior and the chief among Pareia's four Great Warriors and one of the most influential figures within the tribe. Although he may not be the strongest fighter in the tribe, he is the most experienced strategist and leader.


Egane is a wise and extremely experienced warrior who expects absolute obedience from those under his command. He puts great importance on military tradition and honor and can be very hard on his soldiers. Egane has a soft side however, and is shown to be kind and supportive to his Tribe's young warriors when they need it.


Egane has long white hair and a definitive moustache that reaches his chest. He wields a longsword.

Power and AbilitiesEdit

As a Great Warrior of Pareia, Egane has reached an extremely high level of martial proficiency as well as strategic ability and tactical knowledge. He is also a Force Master. As a Great Warrior he has memorized the geography of the desert.

Though Egane could not fight on an equal level with Venersis, he has said that two Great Warriors could likely match the Desert God, and three of them working together could potentially defeat Venersis. This disproportionate balance of power has been the key point to Pareia's inability to defeat the Shuaruri Tribe despite numeric and tactical superiority.



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