Force is a type of focused internal energy that comes from the mastery of combat, as well as one's own body. It is similiar to chi (or ki) and can be used to reinforce a warrior's body, enhance the strength of their attack, and even allow them to manipulate energy into a wide variety of special techniques.

Force is a general term and covers many different styles and powers. Yulian and Luff's Heavenly Aura is slightly different, but operates on the same principles of energy direction, and both share the same core technique of redirecting an enemies attack to channel a warrior's focus and materialize their energy. Force is most commonly used as an enhancement, but has been seen on an external level to project and deflect projectiles and energy. It is said that after a certain level of Force is reached, a warrior will be protected from even poison and internal injuries by the aura.

Force cannot really be taught, but seems to gradually appear with combat experience. Once a warrior masters Force they can fight on a level far beyond normal. This creates a tactical challenge, as no number of general troops can reliably contain a Force Master. Often times conflicts will thus come down to which side has the most people capable of using Force, and their fights become just as important as the movement of armies.

Techniques Edit

  • Wygor Proxio (위고르 플록시오) means flow of strength, in order to use force user must know Wygor Proxio. It is similar to Counter Switch used by Heavenly Demon Arts users. Depending on where user is from, the looks or the name of the technique might be different, but technique usage is majorly the same.[1]
  • Kelgeritir Kompong (컬레리테르 콤풍고)
  • Pact Repact (펙토 레펙토)
  • Katagurth Pulse (카타구사 팔스)
  • Sanguineus Perpluvium
  • Silentium
  • Fluctus
  • Exagitator
  • Auxiliator
  • Contrucido
  • Depugno
  • Penetratio


  1. Red Storm Webtoon — Season 7 Chapter 134, Egane demonstrates and explains Wygor Proxio.

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