Gahan Alramucha[1] is a powerful young warrior of the Dupure Tribe, he participated in the Warrior Ceremony.

Appearance Edit

Gahan is mostly bald except for a small patch of hair in the middle of his head that extends into a ponytail. He wears a light coloured outfit with a fur trim at the neck and usually has a stern face. He wields a Great Sword, just like Yulian.

Personality Edit

He is quiet but he is very loyal. He is eager to learn new techniques of the Great Sword from Yulian. Like most of the warriors in the Desert, Gahan puts a great deal of weight on honor and allies.


Gahan is first met by Yulian and the Pareia warriors in the Second Trial, they agree to hunt together and he and Yulian bond over their shared weapons, sparring together to exchange techniques. Gahan and his tribe form an informal alliance with the Pareia warriors for much of the trial and end up sharing many of the same enemies.

Gahan is attacked by the Five Brothers, and nearly killed before the intervention of the Inama Knights lead by Marudun Inama and Boyes Sutom, who (despite claiming to be enemies of Gahan) apparently aid him in escaping the siblings.

Gahan isn't seen again until the Sixth Trial, when he follows Hilay and Hebina. Though he is delayed by Hilay who was being blackmailed by Hebina, together they pursue the ruthless wanderer. Hebina makes it to the end however, and all of them end the trial safely.

In the Seventh Trial, Gahan performs adequately until the appearance of The Dragon, when he is stunned by it's roar. Yulian is able to mobilize him with his Aura powers, and Gahan escapes through the exit port safely.


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