Kalbareth[1] is a Great Warrior of the Vega Tribe.


Kalbareth is a mature and scarred warrior of the Vega Tribe, she wears a darker robe to show her rank.


Confident and discerning, like most of her tribe Kalbareth is prideful and underestimates men.


Kalbareth and her squad come to report the Vega Glow, using a forged document the male rebels trick her into entering the Glow's camp alone. She grows suspicious once in the camp and seeing no women, and attacks the rebels, easily cutting through many of the inexperienced men.[2] She is overwhelmed and captured when the Shadow Sword assassins and Kaltis join the fight.[3] After the ordeal with Kaltis, she is seen next to Vienna's side, she tried speaking against Vienna's decision of allowing men to become warriors to no avail.[4]

Power and AbilitiesEdit

Katagurth Pulse

Katagurth Pulse

Kalbareth is a Force Master and experienced warrior of her tribe. She is perceptive and strong, and easily able to eliminate multiple normal warriors in seconds. She was not effectively able to resist the supernatural abilities of the Shadow Sword assassins when caught by surprise.


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