Maeimaria[1], or Mae, is the Shire's Tribe 195th Head Priestess, and the chief administrator of the Warrior Ceremony. Maeimaria leads the Shire tribe and heads the trials of the Warrior Ceremony. She is a powerful magic user and follows the will of a higher power she refers to as the Goddess. When Ranoia attempts to lead a rebellion and take over the tribe, she calls on Noya to put down the uprising, and eventually flees with Lakrimoso to safety, abandoning her duties for the time being.

Winnie has referred to her as his big sister, though it is unclear if this a familial connection or simply a term of endearment.


Mae is an older woman of a calm demeanor. She wears long robes and is usually seen wielding a wooden staffed curved around a floating orb.


Old, wise, and mysterious, Mae is powerful and experience. She seems to know a great deal about the history of the Red Desert, as well as the inner workings of the universe - but lets on very little.


When Yulian trained in The Field of Demon Beasts and fought the giant lizard that almost cost him his life and only with the intervention of Noya did he survive, Maeimaria came to inspect the situation in the Field. She was impressed by the wound on the lizard, and complimented the expert that made it. After noticing the change in the Field of Demon Beasts she realized the severity of the situation - Sand Dragons being pushed out of their territories, she retreated back to prepare for the chaos that is to come.[2]

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