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Maita is Yulian Provoke's pirma. Yulian met Maita while training in the The Field of Demon Beasts, and after saving the piruma from a massive reptilian monster claimed him as his partner and mount. Unlike most piruma, Maita almost exclusively eats meat and is a powerful hunter in his own right - proving to be an unexpected danger to Yulian's mounted enemies.


Maita is a savage, carnivorous Pirma, he can be ornery but is very loyal to Yulian. Maita is very clever and cunning as shown on multiple occasions. He picked up a drained Yulian from the battlefield and carried him towards Red Storm. Maita was seen smiling cunningly once he lured the enemy regiment to their deaths.


Powerfully built, brown-coated Piruma, with an X shaped scar across his forehead.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Maita is a strong and intelligent Piruma and has a strong bond with Yulian. On his own Maita can produce powerful and surprisingly agile kicks, and has a formidable bite. Though typically obedient to his rider, Maita's unusual and unexpected carnivorous tendencies do occasionally show themselves in battle and provide both Maita and Yulian with an advantage over typical mounts.


Maita Manhwa Infobox
Maita during Time-skip.
Maita protecting Haisha.
Maita and Haisha.
Maita and Yulian vs Basura Galute
Maita Saving Yulian
Maita saving Yulian.


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