Marudun Inama is the 8th prince of the Inama Empire. Not much is known about the prince or his empire. He is one of many foreign warriors to partake in the Red Desert's Warrior Ceremony.


Marudun typically appears as a chubby, short, and unimpressive noble dressed in the royal garb of his empire. This is later revealed to be an illusion to protect him from assassins and his true form is much different.


Marudun is very smart and insightful. He seems to care little for anything but his own success, easily sacrificing the lives of many soldiers to allow him to pass Trials. He lets on very little, but does have some affection for those close to him as shown by his rage against Jinechel after the cannibal kills his captain.


Marudun was first seen with Boyes Sutom in Inama Empire encampment inside Warrior Ceremony. After the Warrior Ceremony, Marudun was urging the Inama Empire to ally the tribes as equals as he witnessed their power first hand. However he was met with laughs mockery from his brothers as result, they even went as far as to mock the death of Boyes Sutom. Marudun resolved himself to become the next Emperor.[1]

Power and AbilitiesEdit

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  1. Red Storm Webtoon — Season 7 Chapter 135, Marudun speaks to Inama Empire council.

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