Park Hyun-il, born November 6th in Wando, Wando County in South Korea is a Korean Webcomic artist, best known as the illustrator of Red Storm webtoon. He is also known as Ahm Hyun(암현).

Early LifeEdit

Park Hyun-il studied at Shinil High School and graduated at 1999, afterwards he went to Daejin University.


In 2012, Park Hyun-il started working on illustrating Red Storm together with Kyungchan Noh the writer of the novel by the same name. He worked at Studio Zeeha.

Personal LifeEdit

Park Hyun-il lives in Eujieongbu, Gyeonggi-do in South Korea. He is married since June 15th, 2014[1] and has one child.


  1. Naver blog with all relevant references to the marriage.

External LinksEdit

Facebook - Park Hyun-il's Facebook, found on closing page of every Red Storm chapter

Naver Blog - Park Hyun-il's Naver Blog, found on closing page of every Red Storm chapter

Viva Interview - Park Hyun-il's untranslated interview.

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