Sir Richard Verage Ultima Ops Kutiang Pandara Sareek Beige Energy is a 9,000 year old being of great power, Sir Richard was once the Judge of the World and currently stands as guard and administrator of the Eight Trail in the Warrior Ceremony.

Appearance Edit

Richard first appears as a powerfully built and scowling middle aged man, covered in scars.

When pushed by Chun Myung Hoon, it is revealed that this is an illusory form, and that he is actually an ancient and powerful Dragon.

Personality Edit

Richard is an arrogant and apathetic man who seems to be bored of his position. He is quick tempered, rude, and pursues conflict to entertain himself.

Story Edit

First encountered by Yulian Provoke in the final part of the Warrior Ceremony, Richard tries to goad the young warrior into fighting him by insulting him and his master. Yulian nearly goes to fight, but Lakrimoso appears and demands that Richard fulfill his promise. Richard grudgingly agrees and asks Yulian a riddle. When Yulian answers correctly Richard transports him to an ancient battlefield to gain his blessing of power.

When Yulian returns, he now sees Richard's true strength, to the man's pleased annoyance.

Later, when Noya and Hwai Lessarche reach the trial grounds, Richard is surprised and annoyed when the two seem to ignore and disrespect his position. He attacks when they laugh at him, and things devolve into a full on duel between Richard and Noya. When Noya pushes him back, gravely wounding him, Richard unleashes his true power and transforms into a dragon before banishing Noya from his dimension.

Powers and Abilities Edit

In his human form, Richard is (to Yulian's judgement) an unfathomably powerful warrior capable of manipulating and projecting massive amounts of energy in raw force as well as condensed, sword-like projectiles. He is also an incredible swordsman, wielding an energy sword with speed faster than the eye can see and with strength comparable to Noya.

In his dragon form, Richard is stronger, larger, and more resilient. The extent of his powers in this form are unknown, but he seems to be capable of using powerful magic even able to change the laws of reality.