Shadow Sword is a mysterious mercenary faction within the Red Desert specializing in assassination and stealth tactics.

Very little specific details are known of the Shadow Sword, but they seem to be ruthless and without Tribal affiliation. They will apparently kill anyone - potentially even a War God - if offered enough, but they seem to be quite expensive, and the more challenging the job the more they charge. The Shadow Sword forces commonly utilize a strange technique that allows them to vanish into the ground and manipulate darkness - seemingly dissolving into and generating shadows.

They are competent warriors, but are much less dangerous when met on equal footing and denied the elements of surprise and stealth. Their shadow movement techniques also render them vulnerable when "traveling", and they can even be forced from hiding places with attacks - suggesting it is more of an illusory ability than an actual teleportation or shifting of matter.


Two Shadow Sword assassins have been seen during Warrior Ceremony trying to assassinate Marudun Inama.
Kaltis hired a detachment of Shadow Sword to support his inexperienced Rebellion, and they proved effective in capturing many of the Vega Tribe's leaders and top warriors. Though they nearly overthrew the Vega, Kaltis and the Shadow Sword were routed with the assistance of Red Storm.

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