Shire Tribe is a tribe in Red Desert. They manage the Warrior Ceremony.

General InformationEdit

Shire Tribe are a small tribe with only about 500 strong, but they are all skilled shamans or to be shamans. They are also the keepers of every single magic spell of the desert. They were in charge of the ceremony since ancient times. They always maintained neutrality between the tribes and in doing so maintained reputation and the meaning of warrior ceremony.

It has been said when a member of Shire tribe makes a promise with their name on the line, they will give the life to keep it if need be.

Power of Shire tribe shamans is further proven by the size and quality of Illusions they created during warrior ceremony as well as spell called The Ancestor's Protection which kept the Demon Beasts outside during second trial. Trickle Wikito remarked if all Pareia Tribe shamans united they still couldn't do the spell of that size.


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Shire Tribe
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