The Land of Heroes, the warrior's refuge, and the last battleground, place where Warrior Ceremony takes place.


A neutral area within the Red Desert. The Land of Heroes is a mysterious and ancient, city like structure home to the Shire Tribe. It serves as the location for much of the Warrior Ceremony - or perhaps all of it with the Shire Tribe's illusion capabilities. Little is known about the Land of Heroes, but it seems to hold great historical value to the desert tribes.


Further information: Warrior Ceremony

Yulian travels here with Noya in order to participate in the Warrior Ceremony and complete the Journey of Life and Death.

Upon arriving at the gates, the two are split and Noya joins in the suspicious power struggles of the Shire administration while Yulian completes the many trials of the ceremony.

At the end of the Ceremony, Yulian returns to Pareia and Noya begins his journey to the Tower of Pride.

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