Trickle Wikito is a Commander of Red Storm. A shaman-turned-warrior, Trekol is a proficient fighter, but primarily notable for his combination of tribal magic, sword skills, and brilliant mind.

Originally Trekol was selected to be the next head shaman of the Pareia Tribe, and trained under Matata until he was a teenager. He was fascinated by the chaotic beauty of the world around him, and was often driven to understand everything he could. One day, while observing Yulian's training with Noya, he realized he could not mimic or understand the master's strange techniques. After a week performing ancestral rites, he determines that his fate is to become a warrior, not a shaman, and thus he begins to train in the sword and eventually attends the Warrior Ceremony where he meets Yulian.


Trekol is first seen as a rather short teenage boy with a headband and light blue spiky hair. Years later he has gotten much taller, but his appearance generally stayed the same with the exception of his headband which he wears at all times. He wields two short swords. Trickle also obtained a tattoo as a reward from Warrior Ceremony, it's located on his right ear.[2]


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