• MahesvaraCC

    Aeon you baka!

    July 2, 2015 by MahesvaraCC

    Stop changing my Mainpage! Gonna make it super cute later~~ Bwhahahaha. Gotta work first T_T 

    So for today's blog...!!! tadum tadum!! Spoilers for anonx! bwhahaha.

    Ok just joking T_T Someday I'll save here them funny chats bwhahaha. But still not the time yet! Gotta make Aeon make some slips :P 

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  • MahesvaraCC

    It's fun

    June 27, 2015 by MahesvaraCC

    Even if this stuff stresses the shit out of me when thinking about the links that should and shouldnt exist, it's fun working on a wiki owo never did so before! Thanks stupid anonx and aeon :D (heart).

    I am writing this because testing out the blog feature and.... feeling lazy to do other stuff, but yeah, going back to... emm prob mysterious people. Those faggots, I don't know who I hate more the girl or the hattie stuff....

    Probably the girl... yeah her... should be "Mysterious faggot girl (perm. name)"

    (wonder why stupid anonx? ) 

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