Vega Tribe is desert tribe that exists between the Pareia and Shuaruri. In the Vega tradition, only women may lead and become warrior. Keredos is the Young Glow.

The Tribe's division between genders eventually leads to an uprising of men led by Kaltis, which puts the tribe in danger until the unofficial intervention of Red Storm. This along with Keredos being wed to Yulian Provoke has led to an uneasy alliance between Vega and Pareia.

After A rebellion led by the strongest male warrior of the Vega Tribe was put down, Glow Vienna decided to reform the laws of the Tribe to allow men to pursue careers as warriors and encourage greater equality.

The Vega Tribe is fiercely independent and traditional, and the laws of their tribe are iron-clad. This makes it very difficult to accept change or help, and can be a point of contention.

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