"But this guy... He was a punk with some potential."
Chun Myung Hoon about Yulian[src]

Yulian Provoke,[1] also known as "Young Glow" is the main protagonist of the webtoon Red Storm. He is the first son and successor to Pareia's glow Baguna Provoke[2], as well as the only disciple of his master, Chun Myung Hoon[3]. He is the founder and Commander of the Red Storm military division.

From a young age, Yulian has been raised to lead. Since childhood Yulian has wanted vengeance for the death of his mother, he blames Venersis - though the precise circumstances are unknown. It was his original goal for getting stronger and part of the reason that Chun Myung Hoon trained him.

Witnessing his father's strained negotiations with the continental kingdoms also led a young Yulian to develop a military division strong enough to unite the entire Red Desert - this dream would later manifest as Red Storm. After his father's death, Yulian has been named the Glow of his tribe.[4]

Yulian, despite his age, has an immense reputation in the desert as well as continental kingdoms as a very talented warrior and a War God.


Yulian is a tall, well-built muscular man with black spiky hair, save for his two long ponytails that he seems to be growing constantly. He has black eyes. Yulian's appearance goes through a series of changes throughout the series due to numerous time skips.

At the beginning of the manhwa, as a 15-year-old, Yulian is rather small for his age. He has spiky black hair and two short ponytails. He has bandages around his arms and wields a Great Sword.

Later Yulian grows into a muscular and sizable man, his black hair is kept at a medium length and constantly spiky, save for two long ponytails that go past his waist. Usually, Yulian dresses in the simple and loose clothes of a warrior, but in certain important situations, he dresses in luxurious outfits reflective of his noble position. He still wields his Great Sword, as well as a short sword on occasion.


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