"Can you even call yourself a pupil of me, Cheon Myeong Hoon, when you are struggling over a lizard? Just Listen. I know everything there is to know about this world yet even I don't know, why I came here and why I met you. What you learned does not exist in this world. Today I greatly regret taking you under my wing. But then I thought this was all fate too. You are still too clumsy even though I want to take you with me, you're carrying too many things on you shoulders. Get stronger. Benevolence can only be shown if you are strong. if you can't take responsibility for your own power, that power will choke you...and before that happens I will take it from you."
Cheon Myeong Hoon[src]

Physical Abilities Edit

As leader of Red Storm, Yulian Provoke has immense physical strength even from the age of 15. Noya trained him to use Great Sword with one hand which he swings effortlessly. Yulian's sheer physical strength, superhuman resilience, and impressive dexterity is a result of Noya's training methods (such as being thrown from a mountain, chased by a monster, thrown into a sea filled with piranhas, etc...). The initial training consisted of three basics; breathing correctly, walking correctly and sleeping correctly.

Fighting Style Edit

Further information: Heavenly Demon Arts

Yulian's fighting style consists of Heavenly Demon Aura and variety of martial arts skills. Although Yulian has learned from Noya to make use of any weapon - and anything as a weapon - Yulian primarily wields a massive Two-Handed sword and per Noya's teachings he uses it with one hand, allowing him great power and versatility. As Yulian trains he has learned to use his great sword as a shield while wielding a short sword, as well as use Heavenly Demon Aura to enhance his sword and unarmed techniques.

Heavenly Demon Aura Edit

The core of Yulian's and Noya's chi-manipulation technique. The aura radiates power from the user, improving all physical abilities and providing magical protection. With focus the aura can be channeled externally into beams and manipulating forces, as well as being channeled into weapons. Heavenly Aura is similar to the Force used by master warriors of the desert and continental kingdoms but operates on completely different core principles. Heavenly Aura consists of at least 15 tiers of power; each level exponentially increasing in power and granting various new abilities.

True Heavenly Demon State Edit

God of War Edit

Further information: God of War

As a chosen warrior of the desert, and one who has successfully completed the Eight Trials of the Warrior Ceremony, Yulian Provoke now holds the rank and powers of a War God - a position only held by Venersis. While being a War God doesn't offer any instant improvements to his personal strength, Yulian is granted two powerful and unique abilities.

Expanded Perception Edit

Through the numbered memorization training of the final trial, Yulian was forced to master the ability of quickly and effectively memorizing large areas of information, and be able to put that data to use. Ideally he can also apply this training to battle fields in order to be an extremely aware commander and know every aspect of his field of war. With the blessings of Warrior Ceremony this ability is expanded beyong human capability. Yulian is able to perfectly see a three-dimensional space (200 meters after his return - perhaps more as he trains) from an outside perspective, and constantly be aware of all action in this space, whether he can see it with his eyes or not.

On a battlefield this skill is invaluable, and it will allow Yulian to read the flow of battle and react accordingly, avoiding all mistakes and surprises. In essence, if there is a chance at victory Yulian will always be able to see and act upon it.

In smaller forms of combat, this perception allows Yulian to keep track of any enemies he is fighting no matter their position or if they are concealed, giving him superhuman reflexes and predictive abilities.

King's Voice Edit

Granted by the spirit of an ancient Warrior Glow, this power seems to apply Force to Yulian's voice, and any command he issues with such intent compels the target to follow his orders. Not much of this power has been seen, but it was strong enough to force a giant magical beast to kneel - though not permanently.


Yulian's Great Sword.
Yulians ring
Yulian's magic protection ring, given to him by Winnie


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